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Theodore prototype in the wild

At the west coast championship, Theodore had some new hands on him.

Check out ben’s buttery offstring grind

Status right now: finalizing design changes (about 6 modifications to make him more Walter like), testing a new anno shop

Hoping for fall

Walter won’t ship July 4-16th

Yoyo lovers and yoyo learning to lovers,
Walter has about 10 serial numbers awaiting reservation and probably 25 people who have reserved without payment. The rest are spinning right now.

I am going to be in Finland from July 4th-16th – I will have intermittent email communication – but I will not be shipping any Walters. If you want yours before then, act now. Otherwise, wish me luck. I will be judging the Finnish National Yoyo Contest while I am out there.

Final Walter Photos

I shipped my first batch of Walters today – damn it felt good.

Here are some pictures of what is included with the order and the final wooden packaging.