Theodore is another retro-modern throw following in Walter’s footsteps.

I will update this page as the project evolves, including photos and whatever else.

The Concept

The same ideas pervade the concept: responsive, soft in the hand, durable, hardcoat, built for play.

Theodore will be a wider than Walter.  That is the main difference.

I will probably ship Theodore with a worse (aka more responsive – less maintenance needed) bearing.


Prototypes have been through two rounds, neither to my satisfaction.

The third round seems darn close – stay tuned!


38 wide
54.5 diameter
C bearing, recessed to 3.6mm gap
likely to ship with some nasty bearings
snow tires


Right now, I am planning to do two releases:

The Player’s Edition

2017-11-07 15.21.07

The first will be black hardcoat, serial’d just like Walter was. I will do these without packaging to encourage them to be played hard and not to be stored in a pretty little box on your shelf.

Release date: Aiming for early 2018

Price: $150 shipped in the US or direct purchase, $160 shipped outside the US.

The Metal Edition

This will come much later, as they’re a dream project that will take a while to get together. I’m thinking late 2017, but my deadlines never stick.

They will be metal plated Theodores (probably ~50) with some (hopefully) special packaging.  The pricing and reality of this 2nd run is still up in the air, so don’t hold me to any specific details.  I only mention it here so that folks don’t get upset they bought a player’s edition if they wanted a metal plated version. Or visa versa.

Release date: Aiming for Fall or Winter 2018.

Price: Expensive. Probably $200+ but won’t know for sure until much later.

Join the waiting list or ask questions

The waitlist is getting longer than I think I will be able to fulfill.

All 100 serial numbered Theodores have been reserved.

Historically, a handful of people decide to forfeit their reservation at release. I will keep a waiting list and work through it for those forfeitures.

Questions welcome as well.
No payment will be collected until they are ready to ship, but please don’t be a jerk and hoard serial numbers that you know you can’t afford and/or won’t pay for in a timely fashion upon release.

Only the Player’s Editions will be serial’d – they will be black hardcoat like Walter and ship without any packaging!

Once I am ready to ship, I will email you to collect payment on your reservation.

Demand seems high, I will not be selling multiples.




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